In order to become a member of St. George, it is necessary to make a financial contribution to the parish.

Our parish is run by a system called stewardship. Stewardship, by definition, means that we are simply caretakers of all the blessings that God bestows on us, including our financial blessings. So, as every caretaker must at some time give an account for his caretaking responsibilities, we believe that we will have to answer to God Himself for how we used our wealth and how generous we were to His Church. This being true, the antiquated dues system is inappropriate because it assumes that all families are equal financially. Stewardship means giving based on a percentage rather than based on a dollar figure. The Bible asks for 10%. New stewards should consider giving at least 3% of their gross income. This may be and should be contributed on a weekly or monthly basis.

For more information and to download all of the necessary forms for membership, please click here.